I am at where I am..

Standing where I am today.. And when I try to put up a reason from my understanding

I believe.. Its not any fate or coincidence that you are at where you are. I think it’s my beliefs my principle and point of view at that point let me to choose or make a decision. May be coz working on something in a certain way worked for me, the way I approached it got me at where I am. My beliefs and instincts which triggered at that point made to land on the next step.

I see it this way or perhaps I love to see it this way, if I love something, and if I think something is right and as long as I have the confidence to tackle anything in upfront that bogs you.. I go ahead.

I have evolved as a individual over the years with a clear perception of seeing life in a certain way I do coz of the people I have been with so far, let that be from school or the village I grew up in. The upbringing I had and places I have been. And I belive all those sums up to reason all my desicions and the way I carry my life.

Over the years.. This perception may or may not change.. As I am not staying at a place for long or being with the same set of people till end. It changes… I travel.. I make friends.. I see life at many stage where the scope of understanding or the angle at which I saw a situation grows or shrinks.

I have never gone behind a croud.I never wanted to chase something that makes no sense to me for but appeared to be the trend. It never works. Happiness is what I live this life for and for me living life in my own terms sums up it all.

For everything I do.. I try to find a purpose And if I find doing thing in a particular way or following trends of generations is irrelevant as long you can make it to that purpose. Ways of doing thingz doesn make any sense as long as it works for you and you are not hurting anybody or snatching some else chance.

Your life.. Your beliefs. Let that be always the upper hand. There are no rules.. There’s no right way.. And ensure everything you do. always make sense just to you first.

May be this is the only way I see it. I know why what I am and where I am today.